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Healing Power Mat

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Bringing Back "Ancient Healing Powers" To  Your "Everyday Life"

Do you feel like lack of Relaxation? Exhausted? Less energy? Lack of sleep? Insomnia?

Lower back pain? Sinuses pressure?

Shoulder pain? Work out injuries?

Menstrual cramps?

Mentally stressed out? Desperately need something to relieve your body and soul?

    "If you use this Amazing mat, you'll see a huge difference in your mental & physical well-being"

    Don't take our word , See it yourself...

    Boost Your Immunity - To Fight With In!

    Your first line of defense comes with your immunity.

    Our Heel & Feel acupressure mat designs increase it by improving blood circulation.

    By engaging your nervous system, this helps to trigger a flood of feel-good hormones & increases blood circulation. 

    Spend your time on this acupressure mat by meditating while stimulating the pressure points on your back and neck.

    "This helps to simulate the nerves system , so you'll get amazing abilities..."

    • Ease your aches and pains.
    • Increase your sleeping quality.
    • Prevent injuries at daily activities and post work out.
    • Promotes good blood flow in our body through out the day.
    • It promotes restores the health in most of our important body organs.

    Not Just That, You'll Surely Have Fun With It...

  • Meditate while on it: Meditation rewires your brain so you can feel happier and calmer. Compound those benefits with acupressure while you listen to guided meditations on this Sleep Induction Power Mat.
  • Stimulate your Neck Meridians: Want to release tension in your head and neck? Place the mat on a rolled-up towel. Lay down so the spikes press into the base of your skull. Lay for up to 15 minutes. You'll will see the magical power.
  • Relax Your Legs: Not just neck or back you can even place your legs over it to feel the burning sensation then to ease of your leg pain or leg cramps.
  • Stress-Free at work : You can put the mat on top of your office chair to relax your neck and back while working.
  • Try different sensations: If the spikes are too intense, wear a T-shirt while you lay on the mat. If you don’t feel your body releasing tension, try positioning the mat closer to your neck or closer to your pelvis.
  • Or Take a break from your adorable cat :  Your kitty won't come near you while you resting on the spiky mat and will be wondering what's going on:) Doggies are more daring though!

    • This Has Been Used In Ancient India & China For Centuries...

      1. Acupuncture and acupressure are both methods used to stimulate "acupoints".
      2. Acupressure points are to stimulate the central nervous system.
      3. This, in turn, releases chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain.
      4. These biochemical changes stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.
      5. There are many ''acupoints" in our neck or back which trigger our key organs and key body functions.

        Proven By Yogi's in ancient India...

        Acupressure Stimulate Your "Acupoints" in Order Stimulate Your Nervous System.

        Heal & Feel Acupressure mat looks a bit like yoga mats, except they have little spikes sticking out. Our mats come with a carrying case and a pillow, too (which also has the spikes, just so you're aware!). So, why the spikes? Well, the idea comes from an old tradition in India of lying on a bed of nails.

        This product can actually make you feel super relaxed. You can feel heating sensation ,rush of blood floor while using it. This improves your blood floor, feel well rested,more healthier.

        How to use Heal & Feel Acupressure Mat?

        Experiment with more or less time: Some people lay on their mat for just 15 minutes, while others extend their session to 40 minutes.

        There is no ideal time — experiment and pay attention when your body starts to feel sleepy.


        Why This Is Good For Your Body?
        This is good for you as it helps in overall relaxation of your body and your mind. Helps to keep your nervous system in good condition & Increase blood supply and improve the overall health of the body.
        What Is "Acupressure" & How Does It Work?
        In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupressure is based on the stimulation of meridians a network of energy pathways throughout the body. That stimulation increases the flow of “qi,” or bioenergy. Acupressure triggers a stronger stimulation to activate the body’s innate healing ability. Acupuncture and acupressure are both methods used to stimulate acupoints. Acupressure points are to stimulate the central nervous system. This, in turn, releases chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These biochemical changes stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.
        How Long Can I Use It?
        Your can use it for short period (like 5- 10 minutes) at home when you starting.Once you are comfortable with it you can wear it for a longer period of time.
        Why is that it's so important to keep our nervous system healthy?
        Nervous system's health is one of the main factors of your physical and emotional well being. Studies shows having a healthy nerves system is a key to a long and healthy life span.
        Can I use it daily?
        Yes! Absolutely, this is to help you in daily for better blood circulation increasing immunity and helps you in your overall well being.
        Will this hurt me?
        No, you will feel uncomfortable at first as you are not used to it. Wear it for a short period first and increase gradually.
        What does doctors say about our acupressure mat?
        The Doctors explains how this mat works to target pressure points on your body that can help relieve pain and make you feel more relaxed.
        Can I wash this?
        Yes, you can. We recommend hand washing.
        What is the size of this?
        Mat Size : 660mm X 420mm X 20mm ,Pillow Size : 400mm X 150mm X 100mm, Each order comes with a Storage Bag (so you can carry it around just like a yoga mat) 

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